originally aired 10-3-08

I am sitting here  after my shift;  tired, expectant, and wanton of greatness.  The fireplace displays a glowing, flowing, wispy orange show through the high tempered glass view window.  C.S.I. Miami adorns the television set in the background as I type in the universe that is particular to my laptop.  I cannot hear the volume, as I am sampling two recently downloaded albums that were recommendations from a buddy in New Mexico.  I wonder if you are asleep right now, or just getting up.  Its something like twelve hours difference, maybe more.  Plus you throw the whole international dateline into the mix, and things get confusing.  If you are sleeping to dream, I wish you sweet dreams.  If you are waking to life, I pray you meet it with eyes wide open, and complete awareness.  This moment.  Right now, I have my dogs laying down inside, rain soaked from the days activities outside.  The fire is nice and relaxing.  Greatness is upon me.  Here and now.  Momentous occasions for drawing from the place that we’re all aware of but can’t quite explain.  Pulling from the place that allows us to cry freely at brilliantly made films.  Resting.

Eyes dancing in my head as I think too fast to put keystrokes to the electronic page.  Crisp cool air outside that I am shielded from.  Thank you.  Simple gestures of real, raw, and rivoting life involvement.  Refreshing.  Breath of rejuvinating air.  Sighing with relief that someone else gets it.  Thank you.  We don’t agree on everything, but that is the beauty of individual gifts, talents, and experiences.  Writing can be the adventure, and exploration can be in the mind. 

Someday, I will get a chance to visit Australia, and you’ll probably be in the States somewhere, and we can laugh about that too.  Until then I will think of crazy anectdotes to send your way that are intended to entertain.  Supposed to motivate.  Hopefully inspirational.  Definitely reaching for more from life than the hum drum status quo.  Ideally the thing speaks for itself. 

So here goes….


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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