One Year Poem


Both of Us (Wigler Year One)


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred first dates,


How would you measure the first calendar year?


In kisses, in convos, in collabs, in random road trips


More substantial that a hundred miles? In expressing fears?


How many times we’ve been able to hear sirens off


In the distance wearing seasonal styles, saying “cheers“.


I’ll go climbing with you’s how it started as we worked hard at


ivy mount, imparted time to each other, and kept climbing outside


Because the gym felt too crowded and we wanted to be as loud as a


Crowd that was out proud at night to delight in an astounding


Evening leaving nothing to chance or absence.


And, I’ve been glad since I met you, that I met you,


And I bet you knew that I won’t forget you saying,


While laying on the floor playing in playing way,


That we may or may not be flirting in a different manner,


With the banner of Heaven above us and a love as sweet


As the wine spilled below us. All I know is the broken


Frazzled edges of this puzzle fit.


I still remember our first walk to work together,


After getting coffee and somehow losing your hat,


We were delicately stepping into fall weather,


Together we were jumping without much of a net.


Painting pictures with words and autumn leaves


We spoke to each other under covers after others


Had gone to sleep or at least able to keep quiet


Flying at night like a pilot with only the horizon in sight


Seeing a riot below unable to quite hear it or see the details,


Or smell the smells because it can’t touch the peace we’ve


Felt in each others arms.


Whether that homeward spark has flared up in Rockville


Or Takoma Park, we’ve managed to bed down more than


Once below or above this country, in the middle as we


Fiddled a little bit of time with Chris in the bath tub in the


City of Brotherly love, after our Thanksgiving dinner, a bit of


Laughter that rocked us inward, trying hard to each maintain


The open mind of a beginner.


You introduced me to the Avett Brothers,


And strongly encouraged me to Phish.


I introduced you to my younger bigger brother, and my mother,


Father, and tried to fulfill your New Year’s Wish.


Our on again-off again relationship with vegetables and meats,


Out late night attraction to a foursome with Ben and Jerry’s sweets.


The only thing better than the fun we’d have on Saturday night,


Is the following morning at the farmer’s market eating our bodies right.


Learning how to drive a stick on the way to Niagara Falls.


Racing around in the car like a pinball in the machine that is DC.


Music is broadcast through the windows and down the halls,


And for an instant in that middle of the gloaming as we’re roaming


We can be free.


Homing in on St. Mary’s after Dogfish Head in Stokar’s car,


Six of us went to the point to anoint the past and polish present,


Walking out on the sand bar, to make human pyramids under stars,


The water, which was familiar to you, looked iridescent.


Naked romping, almost grape stomping, it seems the


Singing and bringing of gifts never ends.


We make it an adventure void of censure,


Welcomed into the circle of friends.


What other two go to Montreal on a relative whim,


Both of us spent our earliest years near the pacific rim.


Free parking unhindered, a romance kindled, two couples


Spent time with wine and a fry plate leaving our appetite




Stone Harbor, New Jersey for the site of the wedding


That had as many bridal showers as we did first dates.


Twenty two solid in an epic weekend setting


The tone for a shared life to anticipate.


Out in San Fran with Sara and Ned and the new little man


Shay cooing in his own unique way. That “Oh no, here we


Go” smile you had on your face hoping for a little one of your


Own someday.


We’re headed to the farm in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.


Listening to Cali Love, gallantly galloping anticipating waiting,


On our conversations going end over end suspended ended up,


On our feet with our heads up, as long as I end up with you.


Belize and Guatemala, going to Tikal to listen to howler monkeys,


And the whispers of the Mayans. Both with screeching eerily similar to


Ryan’s. Amidst Carcassonne drama, my Caribbean Mama,


Had time to dream of alpacas and llamas, and my best birthday


Was more than just fine.


Now with you starting back to school, and me working with Jake,


We try to carve out quality time with each other from the moment we wake.


The grass is always greenest where it is cared for in the moments we make.


Our first year dinner at Ray’s classics, the free dessert,


And the candle for my Candle next year.


Whether I’m the lesser and you’re the better,


Or I express with the gesture of this letter,


And we clear the air that’s hot or wet or,


I say I and love and you, handle this ramblin’ man’s


Plan, rub my fuzzy chest, and end this text here.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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