Be the dog you were born to be

None of the cafes with computers are open yet.  As such, I must first write this by hand, and this brings me comfort like no other rest can, save one.  Nestled into a corner alcove, on the rooftop terrace restaurant, at the Sun and Moon Restaurant (not open yet), I see the sunrise.  My new friend Muna has brought me some fresh brewed chai tea, just sweet and hot enough to take the chill from the morning air, as I watch the sunrise.  Up whilst it was still dark, here at the Hotel Udai Niwas, near the beautiful Jagdish Temple, I can watch the artificial lights of the Lake Palace be replaced, slowly but surely, by the natural sunshine.

I can see at least eight Rajasthani Monkeys already playing in the giant banyan tree that is only a stone’s throw.  I can see protected cows of all shades roaming the streets.  I can see dogs without homes flicker their ears at various sounds, wishing simply to be.  I can see the City Palace safely keeping watch over a nearby hill.  I can see the shimmer across the lake from all the ambient light.

The overnight train ride to Jaipur that is scheduled for late this evening is blissfully far away, and the anger I have harbored for so long now seems to be magically melting away.  I hear the footsteps of your whispers approaching.  I close my eyes for an instant, and you are here with me.  God has given me this view, on this day, at this time, in this place, and I am forever grateful.  I hear them whispering to me as well that all will be unfolding as it should; in due course.

So many bright colors; such a richness in the, albeit, hazy air.  By whatever name this presence be called, I am thankful and in awe.  I can feel my skin start to absorb the boyhood dreams I once had, that I thought were lost.  I am reminded of quotes on walls, and murals across buildings depicting various facets and slices of inspiration.  Soaking through my skin is that presence, that warmth, which starts to knead the layers beneath like a deep tissue healing massage.  And, with the slow but steady course of an ancient river, it works its way into my heart.

Green, orange, red, and blue bulbous glass adornments cover the ceiling lights, though the walls are open air.   Marble staircases lead, floor by floor, to the streets below where winding streets can lead to conversations and further inspiration.  Humility bares a smile like no other.  Awe is unmistakable in the eyes of its bearer.  The horizon is ours.  I love you.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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