pieces of Reeses

How many pieces of Reeses

Does it take to release this

Sense of impending doom that never ceases?

The best plan I ever heard was the Word

And doing whatever He says or She says

Or whatever it is that We says, when what

We get is a life of regrets, you and I mets, and

Feelings that you may have been defeated.

So long as our needs met,

And my feetses can rest in the peace that’s on the earth,

That another may have had the misfortune to have bleeded.

And now I know that feetses is against the rules,

That we had agreed upon way back in recess,

But I’m gonna sing and swoon to a different tune,

And do whatever it is that completes it.

So long as the message registers uptstairs,

By anyone who reads it or needs this,

That or the other thing or perhaps even

Believes it.

How many peace blitzed cheese heads,

Does it take to install and instill a window sill of still,

And cut down in every possible way that is exceeded,

Unless it is absolutely for surely needed,

Or somehow helps Cleveland or Drew Carrey,

In the episode that is most repeated.

Okay, that last bit may have cheated just a bit,

For the sake of it seemingly extemporaneously

Continuing in the same rhythm that we’ve set,

From the moment that we met….

This night here now as we set a stage

Upon which we ship ideas in this Caribbean

Cheap set to each other in different forms

That we may or may not normally warm to

Or even see it.

Or get it.

Or let it bounce around in our mind

Until it freed it.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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