This eventual fear transposes itself upon a portrait of a younger man in the form of regret.  How can the caretaker of a sickly animal arrive to the conclusion that death, here and now, is the best outcome?  These are not the smiles of the rag tag boy with poppy seeds between his front teeth, and breath that smells lemony fresh.  This is breath of rain, smiles of family portraits, and memories of etched glass laid over polished stainless steel.  Lofty ideas?  Enough to be accepted into a program of any significance?  Pecking away at the keys, one finger at a time, like a blind woodpecker who has been poisoned by the chemical treatment in the columnal telephone pole.  Sleep deprivation.  Memory loss.  Slurred speech.  Fragmented ideas.  His bill reaches for fish.  His deeds are an attempt at good.  Music still gets writtenelsewhere though he resides in silence.  Flashes of lightening dwarf the thought process of a self proclaimed artist.  Is he afraid of Virginia Woolf?  Significance placates the lesser mind he has inherited from choices.  Time travel is only possible theoretically in quantum physics, and practically in dreams.  Do you know the secrets of the ancient Egyptians, or the present day hoodlum cowboys?  Let me go peacefully into the night.  Let me simply drift and only think manana .  Alvin dia this will all make sense.  He laughs at himself and his silliness.  He could plot an assassination attempt here and it safely wouldn’t matter.  Readership has sunk off the coast of an inhospitable island.  Good deeds are not enough, and Lou Reedwrites the track for the colored girls.  This faith despite ineptitude carries abrilliant laughter with it.  Sharks’ teeth will not be worn.  Let it rain AND let it shine.  The days ahead are brighter and less fraudulent.  Sweat out the toxins.  Chuckle out the pain.  Work out the problems.  Talk out the mistakes.  Act out the advice.  Read out the selfishness.  Give away everything.  Place a stone in your pocket.  Stride out into the river’s current.  Leave an incoherent note such as this.  Hide the truth in plain sight.  Wear the best jacket you have.  Bow your head.  Say your prayers.  Submit to the greater.  Throw away the agenda.  Touch other’s hearts and lives but not your own feet.  Know that loving is its own reward.  Draw your last breath in appreciation.  Give thanks to those who’ve made a difference.  SHUT THE FUCK UP’. Listen more.  Absorb more.  Love more.  Be more.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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