Either way, it doesn’t matter

Am I afraid to run? Afraid to close? Afraid to reveal that which no one knows?
Do I return to starts to race again? Having lost before, with a now similar intent.
Do I take it on the run? Can I take care of my own heart? Can I trust another to if I cannot do it with any consistent sense?
Am I the only one? Is this the only part? Am I somewhat resistant but more intense?
Too many questions, not enough answers.
Too few living lives, too many cancers.
This book can open, just as it can close.
We’ve come to the end of the run of certain shows.
We breathe, we sulk, we complain, and we draft.
When we fall, we check to see if anyone saw,
And listen to hear if they laughed.

Excellence can breed hatred, while worry can breed distress.
Less can be more, but I’m not sure if more can be less.
Too much perhaps, or the wrong item for all involved.
But it’s too late before we know it’s gone,
Love can come disguised as greasy overalls, and problems unsolved,
There is no time machine, and there is no magic wand.

There is only authentic loss, and lasting joy.
Most sells itself as the gray in between.
That is the vast gravitational ploy,
To both erode and demean.

The battleground is now,
The question is where not when.
The means is how,
And assessing the irrelevant then.

Fingers get pointed,
Excuses get made.
Brows get anointed,
And cards get played.

Self interest screams louder,
Than what may be better for all,
The most annoying shouter,
Becomes the most often heard call.

I can’t be around it anymore.

I cannot pretend to enjoy its frame.
But years from now no one will remember truly what was behind each door,
And few will remember a name.

The message speaks with resonance to whom it is intended to mend,
All of the black walls cannot create a complete loss of the light.
The sun still rises on the other side my memorable friend,
Even though here and now it is darkest night.

Beneath my gruff irreverent exterior beats a heart with one purpose indeed,
Yes of course to pump the blood to every part that’s in need,
But more that’s more not less, to represent the truth for all time,
Line by line and page by page, and for my heart the truth is this,
You are my greatest love of all time, now and when,
As well as my greatest miss.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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