they said they wouldn’t do that

And they said they would not fight
if the moment arrived, and they had a choice,
but in this world of might makes right
the sentiment makes the moist rejoice.
The hardened could care less either way
for they are determined
provoked or not, to come to blows
and this more than anything
their wounds
not yet healed on the inside
from the outside.
and the they who said they wouldn’t fight
find themselves drawn in over time
because they see the discrepancy between
ought and is within crime,
and among the attempts to say what you mean.

the wedge of snow atop the ground will
reflect more light than usual on this
gray and dreary day.
the fighting and accursed spirit
will be sent away.

And they proclaimed they would not worry
unless the time came and they were given cause,
because if we fall while in a hurry,
the video will get roccous applause.

Bobby McFarrin urges us,
but what the heck happened to him
has he got worries of his own?
now that time is looking grim.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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