Living Legacy
We gather together to tell these stories of our losses, our gains, our bosses, our pains, our betrayals, and what remains of our hope. We tell stories of love, creativity, Cannery Row and Lighthouse, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Reno, Bob Morgan, Festival Express, Janis, The Haight, more about Reno, and hoards of animals fleeing down canyons towards the ocean fleeing fires. We tell stories of costumes and sets for nine hour productions involving two meals and a break, Bradbury attending ‘Something Wicked…’, and decorating Macy’s windows. 

We collectively dream of the Berganz Festival and the World Body Painting Festival in Vienna. We collectively laugh about working at distribution centers. We tell stories of epic scene changes and portraits of scarecrows, framed in barn wood, hidden in attics, found in dumpsters.

We gather together to tell these stories of survival, and cottages, and road trips, and roles shifting in today’s society. We speak of individual celebrities, and what it is to be a good King.

We gather together to tell these stories, and eat, and find cats cooling their bellies in bathtubs. We find ourselves going through closets of costumes from Sam Shepard plays. “Basically, we talked all night…” Lady said at one point of a different interaction at a different time, and I knew in an instant that it fit here.

We gather together to tell these stories in truth. In community. In family. In togetherness. To be heard.

We gather together to pass on this brilliant and vibrant living legacy of lives touched, shared, examined, and exposed to growth and teaching. Thank you for sharing your living legacy with me. I love you both dearly. It is an honor to share time and space with you. My pictures only dare to scratch the surface of the collective that is your original work. My pictures only peek inside the world of collectibles from family, friends, and travels with loved ones. I am better off for knowing you.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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