In Closing (Maxbeth opening on Closing night for pre show)

           I have lived a hundred lives, in a thousand moments, with a handful of people, Each of the moments contains a before and after self, Some sort of choice, and consequences of that action or lack thereof. I’m thankful for the stars, moon, and sun above, and the ground beneath my feet. I’m thankful I was given the chance to do a written dance up here at the Lear without a beat.

            I’m thankful to the Merry Warriors for making something extra special outta nothing, with gumption, grit, and grace. I’m thankful I’m gettin’ the chance to be standing here spittin’ the written to all we let in sittin’ right HERE and NOW in this TIME and PLACE.
By now you’d all know that I wouldn’t be satisfied if I’d just stuck to this prose thing right? After all it, well this, this is CLOSING NIGHT! The world is wide, and I have one last time to spit rhyme that gives love and runs tight. Thank you for being here, beside the river, beneath the stars, standing in the rugby circle, if you’re as amped as Lutz’s guitar, or as nervous as Irkle.

 You’ve been here since the first read through, me not quite,

since the first need to choreograph fights in the twilight. You’ve been here since before finding costumes to bleed through just right, and before the surprisers agreed to celebrate Jessey’s birthday in the small park at night.  

 You’ve been through the set building, seeing Maxbeth’s character growing to regret killing, and still knowing that no safety net is thrilling for a time, until you fall and you need it to catch you. Thank you for being the best match to this idea and having me as a guest to this batch of a few storytellers to blend in with the presence and intention of the best storytellers in the world. Together now, we share this endeavor, however together hurled.

 So thank you to YOU for being here IN the Lear, putting war paint on your faces, getting Chase one step nearer to the dream she had at six, that she told her Dad that she’d had, and would sell tix, not just at, but inside right here to a play, one day, that she put on and picked. A dream she’ll never forget, and always chases.

 Thank you for catching each other, for having each other’s backs, for snatching each other’s dreams as a team, and believing in leaving them and keeping them intact…

For welcoming this mister in and treating me as welcome as a sister or a brother. My place is here, albeit the X factor, watching all of you day-by-day teach me, and reach me, and each other to beseech me to be a better poet and actor.

 I touch stage with you one last time for the ages. I’m let go from my cage as the battle inside us still RAGES. So tonight, as we speak and fight, I challenge you to find your voices, make the choice as I couldn’t be prouder to tell the story to the crowd with this band of sisters and brothers surrounding. 
   Proclaim the voice BOLD, LOUD, and PROUDLY!
 Let the chips fall where they may. I dip in to help, leading and following, bleeding the ground as I say it’s astounding how happy and proud I am that with you my heart is POUNDING!


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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