V is for…

V is for…
Too often dismissed as Vain, Voluptuous, whining Violins, and silent stars of Videos who are blamed as Victims. Not praised often enough for understanding Vectors, Viscosities, subtle Variances, multiple Viewpoints, and Vestibules of hope. 

Too often considered Viruses with Visas and Venmo, Vacationing in places like Venice and Vail. Not Visualized often enough as Veterinarians, Veterans, the caraVan of cultiVators growing Vegetables that are Verde, and the Venerated Village who raise the future through peaks and Valleys. 

I’m Very glad I had time aVailable to listen to the Various pieces that give a Voice to the Volumes of thoughts, emotions, and yearnings from the innermost that all too often get Vilified around Valentine’s Day. Far too often across this Vast world, there are acts of Violence, Violation, eVil, Vanquishing of spirit, Vindication of wickedness, stolen Virginity, and Violets that are picked far too early. 

What is dismissed as Vile is more often Victorious. What is scoffed at as Villainous is more often ready, willing, and able to turn up the Volume and the quality of Verse. 

What is often considered to be too Vexing, too Volatile, and overly Vulnerable is more often Virtuous, Venerable, and Vivacious. These proud, strong, beautiful women bring it! They are the Vessels through which we can gain perspectiVe, encourage empathy, and foster loVe.

They haVe my Vote.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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