Cars up on blocks, while families reside on roofs,

Neighbor helping neighbor, providing us with proofs.

Assurances that disasters can bring people together,

When the rest may want to tear us apart,

We can proclaim wisdom online about the weather,

or we can dig deep and show love from our heart.

Bless the officers and firefighters who need sleep,

Bless the first responders and those coming with boats,

Bless those who have promises to keep,

And open doors to give rest to weary throats.

This is the America I still believe in,

Not the curfew to keep the looters at bay,

This is the America I can find relief in,

The still silent with so many things to say.

Bless those working around the clock to provide,

Water, diapers, safe haven, snacks, and food,

Bless those who receive with arms open wide,

And give love, Regardless of their personal mood.

The flooding continues to cause issues,

Animals are trapped and cannot flee,

can we drop, for a moment, the rhetoric misused,

and learn to love by setting captives free.

not everyone in the lone star has their own car,

or somewhere or someone to whom they can escape,

The distance from one stranger to the next isn’t far,

and their stories are the tale of the tape.

Dreams have been launched from pads nearby,

and nightmares are unfolding across the day,

may the teams of rescuers and supporters loudly hear my

sentiments of love and appreciation from states away. 

May they hear and have rest for their beloved bones,

May they see and gain the strength that they need,

May they still have each other, if not what each owns,

Hearts beating, souls searching, waiting to be freed.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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