Get Bent (final edits)

THE VOICES ARE GETTING LOUDER(Bold font = Spoken Version)
Have you ever been hated or scorned

for something or someone you were,

and not something you did;

Like simply existing on the sliding scale

of gender that isn’t binary but fluid?

The voices are getting louder, 

some choices you’re not proud of,

but your innermost couldn’t be prouder,

and who you are is lived out love.

Because I’m not going to spend too much time, too much rhyme, too much crime, too much, I’m not on pronouns unless I ask you, and I don’t care which toilet or bathroom you pee in. Unless I know you, or am within my bounds, I will not task you, if you and your intention is to live love in this world we be in.

The voices are getting louder, 

no longer filled with doubt or,

wandering about or, being screamed at as a kid, when dreamed is all we did,

of never needing to shout more, 

or to have to fight to be equal,

or have to fight just to be safe,

or have to fight to make it to the sequel,

or have to fight for a part in life’s play.

But the voices are getting louder,

the fight to be and to love is growing stronger.

Yes I will put on a little more powder,

yes I will stay out a little bit longer.

Or not, but it’s my choice,

and I rejoice at the fact that you get one too.

For if you don’t seek applause in doing something to me,

then I won’t have desire or cause to have done to you.

So, my message is one of hope, love, and how to be an ally,

not that I’m perfect, not that I have all the answers,

not that I’m the one laying down verdict, or one of these lovely dancers,

but I’ll give what I’ve got to give, and more than the old college try.
For the body of verse, I will try to speak of better and worse,

while trying somewhat hard not to curse,

I will speak in terms terse of what it is to be an ALLY. But not just of and from my own head. I will yield to regurgitated words stirred absurdly before I bed from a three month old USA Today Article that I read by Josh Hafner instead. There’s wisdom in its straight forward smarts, from finish to start, broken down into six parts. When you add the intro and the outro makes it Eight, a fresh start, a new beginning. So thank you for taking part in this show after dark, listening to my art, while we’re here together winning.
Remember, Pride Events, They’re Not About You,

They’re about who you want to claim to be an ally to. “Think of it as a wedding,” Kohm said. (Beth Kohm, interim director of PFLAG, a national organization of LGBT allies. To catch you up to the art at the start of this article, more a thread, that I read.) The path to conclusions not very scary, and with simple logic carried, The one thing guests should not do is overshadow the people getting married. it’s your role to help hold the space for people to be themselves. And that you learn by doing, not just lines together bind

in volumes upon shelves.
Help Make Spaces Safe For LGBT People

Our job as allies is not just to hold space but help make and create safe spaces, so that people of all walks of life, carry a little less strife, aren’t carved as frequently with the verbal knife, and can witness the many graces of places like The Potentialist Workshop, or see Our Center’s shining faces.

Making your presence known sporting a pride item, like a rainbow flag at a workspace or a pin or a patch or a bag goes a long way you see,

But speaking up in the face of injustice and discrimination is the key.
If Someone Comes Out, Ask These Two Questions

Simply express appreciation that they considered you a safe space, a safe place, a non judgmental face, to open up to, that hope is a sacred commodity, and hope just went up then. “Are you out to anyone else?” Give the response time to marinate before it melts. Regardless of the answer, stay quiet with what you know. Making assumptions can lead to you outing someone by mistake, making the path you shouldn’t take, along the road you shouldn’t go.

“How can I help?” Might be the question you ask, so they know that you’re there, and they know that you know it. You’re standing before someone who you claim to love. Now is not the time to throw fits or throw in the towel, it’s time to show it.
You can tout your ally’s bugle while remaining frugal and use Google.

You don’t have to know everything to be an aid or a friend, But it’s your job to take initiative and follow up on topics you don’t understand, while many are running around looking for the sky to fall and the entire world to end, there’s still time for empathy and to lend a helping hand.
Lead With Your Allyship When LGBT Topics Arise

When these topics arise, don’t let it come as a surprise, stake your claim with your name that you are one of the allies. This may bring judgment, remorse, or cause faces to contort, but for those who aren’t immediate foes you’re letting those around you know you’re available as a resource for support. Creating conversations may just turn foes to being friends, learning more with less altercations, and brokenness that mends.
Know How Assumptions Can Hurt

We all make assumptions without even realizing it. Without intending, directing, or deciding it. That can be stressful, distracting, and exhausting. It adds to the mess, still lacking, and quite costing to those it affects most, and those around that we host. Keeping assumptions in check, allowing others to happily live above deck, and choosing to use inclusive language adds to each last vestige of hope and makes a difference. And I’m glad, though near the ending time of my rhyme, we will end the body with this, helping to end this seemingly dreamingly endless mess, that we’ll end, and hopefully mend with this.
Sometimes folks say your love is wrong, that you are wrong,

and try to enact laws that make it impossible for you to even exist,

and your response make take too long, or not take the form of dance or song,

but you get the sense that there’s a good chance that the truth they’ve missed.

And there is the sense that things can and will change,

searching for that welcoming kingdom everywhere we roam,

for everyone has things they think are odd, ill, or strange,

but we’re all just trying to find our way home.



Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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