And yet

I see the ripple of #metoo,which is what it was intended to do,

and yet, at best I bet, men will continue

to be shape shifters when they can,

bullies when they can, arrogant when they can, manipulative when they can, abusive when they can, thieves when they can, rapists when they can, and murderers when they can. It has long since been time for change in the teachings, change in the examples, and change in the dreams of success that these divided states tries to maintain. It cannot remain for it will not sustain. We cannot keep hitting the world back harder without it completely turning on us, or dying. Men are so messed up that they continually disrespect, abuse, neglect, lie to and cheat on the over half of this world that may just have the skill set and patience to help fix their fundamental brokenness and deficiency. The problem is that wounded boys with tools of destruction and death run the world. Change in that regard isn’t profitable. Yet. Change bending toward diplomacy, sustainable living, respect, equality, love, neighborliness, teamwork, nurturing the spirit, and unburdening the soul, aren’t the norm. Yet. Men haven’t shown they truly know how to be Men. Yet. #Metoo is the norm. That has to change. Or *wake up and listen men* we are completely doomed in every way that has ever truly mattered. Or will ever truly matter. Yet.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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