Red Flags

~ red flags ~

I was given a strong intuition. That’s why I’ve always been closer to women than men, and I sit and listen. With a quick wit, glistening and gleaning, thinking this is the meaning behind something that will later be written. No back beat in my head hitting, just the rhythm of the words I’ll be spitting, in the hopes that while reminiscing I’m able to jot all my thoughts down before I forget them. And since my whole life’s been filled with things that I knew but I didn’t know how I knew it. I’ve spent my whole life saying things, spraying things, relaying things, and praying it brings others these warnings and connected dots who were playing and okaying things even though I didn’t know how to prove it. I’d wait for the evidence to collect and verify what I was already able to intuit. And since this gift was hard wired and I didn’t choose it, I decided very young I’d do everything I can do to improve it and use it. Sitting alone with my thoughts and words trying to hone it. Ongoing life goal to start each day meditating on death my given voice across fresh breath, and anything I’m lacking that I should have, and as soon as possible remove anything that has been acting as distraction, so that I can bring these thoughts and words into action.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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