The Savior

Jesse was the father of King David, and James was a brother to Jesus. But regardless of my own toast to first and middle name, I’m not playing games, but pouring out from my innermost for whoever needs this and reads this. My combo of names arrived as an outlaw, same as the poets, and anyone who might heed this.

Instead of putting my faith in personal monetary gains, personal glory, material possessions that haven’t remained, personal fame, either one of my frames, or my personal moments of zen, I’m putting my faith in the one I believe already came, and will soon come again.

Do not put your faith in me, for I am merely a limited, imperfect man, and, as such, as much as I do not wish to, I will always disappoint you. Do not put your faith in everything you touch and see, rather in an unfolding plan, without a crutch, for as much as I might reveal to you, miss you or kiss you, I am not the one who can heal you or anoint you.

My personal ministry has already been condemned, by the church of buildings and men, and anyone with only a surface inspection, could easily cast stones in my direction. Nevertheless, I profess, in spite of my past and present behavior, the undying love I have for my Lord and personal savior.

It is written he was born in a manger, a stranger to all save the mother and the three wise who knew the signs. A rearranger of lives who still strives to help EVERYONE fully thrive. Vines and manipulated lines can entangled the star spangled, but the Son of Man endures to the end. He was there at the beginning, and lived the life the source would intend.

He, most likely, was not actually born in December, but day twenty-five is when we celebrate his birth. Word become flesh for the whole world to remember, and benefit from his sacrificial worth. The way, the truth, and the life, the bridegroom to end strife. His name has dual power to heal and devour, to reveal and make the mighty cower. Yet, though we don’t know the day or the hour, we labor, we love, and we wait. We savor the peace and rest served to our plate, and the love placed in each heart. He has been trying to redeem the world, and make it great from the very start.

We may kneel to pray in the darkness. We may lift our hands to the sky. We may curse the world in its starkness, but it is him we should not deny. Only the Spirit can fill the holes in our memories, can fill the void left in death. The love that we have been given, without even saying please, should be in every word, on every breath. Remember to be the tree that bears fruit, the shepherd which tends to the flock. Remember to tell the truth in love each and every time that we talk, to answer the knock, and let the Spirit in, with every step of your walk.

So, instead of putting my faith in any one sports figure, any one politician, any one movie star, commentator, news caster, singer, producer, or in hoping all of our extreme weather gets any better, it was put on my heart for this Christmas, to sit and pen this open letter.

Instead of putting my faith in any one military leader, head of state, all of their guns, their bombs, big pharma, any big corporation, even the flag of this nation, or in the contents of any single meme that I’ve read; I’m betting everything I have, my heart, soul, body, and mind on Jesus, the one I believe rose from the dead. Even though my mind never fully comprehends or understands, my heart cannot meet all demands, my soul is tarnished by reprimands, and my body will perish in the dust and sands; I’m giving everything I have, my entire life, and placing it completely in God’s hands.

In these increasingly turbulent times, I’m given to rhymes, to further give rungs to the ladder my spirit and soul wish to climb. I’m not trying to build a wall, or pit conservative against liberal. I’m trying to answer my believed call, and I love each and every one of you ALL.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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