the pitch before dawn

We will not be purged of love’s spark,

Or the light that dwells within,

We will sing dirges for the dark,

only to acknowledge that it won’t win.

It will be absolutely remarkable,

and we will begin again.

There will be chanting to announce that it’s gone,

and bury our country’s shadow once and for all.

We will sing hymns for what was the pitch before dawn,

by answering light’s utmost call.

And as we sing, our ears will ring, happening

to bring to bare everything that must be redeemed.

We will build up each other’s left and right wing,

and take flight to the life for which we have dreamed.

We might fall, or stumble in wrong, but we

will pick each other up along the way.

The darkness may surround us now,

as we embark on a journey to brighter days.

When we’ve reached the other side of this divide,

of this chasm beneath our feet,

our tries will have truly been tried,

and the victory all the more sweet.

As to how we pass through the door free,

The worth is exemplified in better sessions,

by some who have come before me,

The earth all along giving suggestions,

as to the pure love at the end of this story.

We were destined to face these lessons,

and then put them to rest in glory.

We will see everything brought out from inside,

to be laid bare upon life’s table,

but our bridge of love will reach the other side,

as we are ready, willing, and able.

We are being refined by what we’ve been entwined by,

and have turned a blind eye to across history,

Light and love for each other from within and above,

will carry us to the end of this mystery.

This love, that we were always meant to share,

this light written on our hearts that is truly divine,

which answers our yearnings and innermost care,

will soon enough be both yours and mine.

We have been preparing our whole lives for these years,

We will encircle our fate to protect it,

We will wipe each other’s joyous tears,

When we arrive at the source expectant.






#poetry #photography

#light #love #journey #we #thisgeneration #together #buildup #liftup #flight #source #lessons #shadow #hope #mystery #redemption #dreams #eachother #within


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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