A shattered sense of center

~ our center ~

Scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock,

But rocks break glass where hateful cowards walk. Masks cover faces, with traces of resentment and loss, ashamed of deeds in the dark, and my heart asks why some have intent to be the boss of the needs and wants of others rather than ignite a spark. If you have a problem with safe spaces for all, then I hope you don’t find one when you need it most. And because at least one won’t answer empathy’s call, then with you I refuse to toast. And here I am speaking, as though the one who vandalized is here. If he is, you can still look in my eyes without fear. I would look in his eyes, and say to his face, that he hid behind disguise while terrorizing a good and decent place. He didn’t have to clean the shards from the carpet, or collect the rocks from the floor. Perhaps he hasn’t ever been someone else’s target, but he didn’t have to board up the holes in the door.

And had he ever walked through that door, without a hockey mask across his face, he might have found what he needed more, a good, graceful, helpful, kind, uplifting, and safe space.

I don’t know if he was trying to instill fear, breed hate, or if he was just another drunk shidiot bored with nothing to do. I don’t know if he was anti queer, anti even portions on the plate, or someone who had been vomitted on and then felt the need to spew. I don’t know if he was trying to reclaim the rainbow, or simply set a tone, but his actions left a stain though, and neither he nor I are alone. For this life comes down to the choice of what we elevate, what we feed, and what we host. Do we rejoice in hate, when others bleed, and in our misdeeds boast? Or do we treat others and places the way we would have them treat us, when we have needed light, love, safety, and kindness most? For those who are quick to create and long suffering to destroy, I salute you. For those who love and speak, guide and help, build bridges and extend hands, I both stand by your side on the field, as well as cheer for you from the stands. Our Center will rebuild and repair, continue serving, and keep fighting. They’ve instilled in me more care, in you and I more love to return deserving, and this, a second writing.

So when you’re deciding which side to cultivate, which side to feed, and both which seeds to sew and how, remember Our Center has stood in love greater than hate, generosity greater than greed, and met needs, and it is they who need us most now.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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