You are enough as you are to be loved.

~ You are enough as you are to be loved ~ (longer version)


I have no glory.

The Glory is God’s.

But it’s become part of my story, to challenge the odds.

So even if one hand snaps,

And one head knods,

I’ll be writing poems and raps,

if no one claps, most take naps, and there’s no one there who applauds.

Words thrown like lightning rods, drawing the manifest spark, I can only see the silhouettes of your bods,

I want to feel you in the dark.

The glory isn’t mine,

but I’ll happily take the Joy.

And there isn’t anything divine,

that I wish to destroy.

Boy oh boy, it’s St. Valentine,

wasting away in a cell;

Trying by praying day by day,

and saying things in a certain way, through Love Letters to whomever it may,

trying before dying to stay far far away from earthly hell.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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