No Thanks

~ No Thanks ~


Dear Sir,


To whom it may concern,

to those who always treat others as if other’s lives are an irritating blur. She’s done. She’s done with your lies, your half assed tries, your wearing of a disguise, and someone else’s apple in your eyes. She does not need to bleed, and stress, and worry her whole life into a mess for you who may deem her less. She does not need to defend herself daily to someone who acts scaly to match his cold heart pumping cold blood. She, a Queen, does not want or mean to lessen herself for a dud. She does not need your abuse, your gaslighting obtuse angles to hide from your own anger and shame. She will not make herself come up lame for the sake of your foolish games or carry your name just to be tamed. She has a wild, beautiful, golden heart and will neither start nor continue to subjugate herself for you. Even if that’s what your Daddy tells you is best to do. She will not be controlled or forced into submission. She will not accept your attempts at division or derision. This is her final decision. She does not need to phone a friend or poll the audience to make this incision. She’s done. No thanks.




One of the good ones from her innermost truth.


#poetry #photography #nails #message #abuse #neglect #control #lies #deceit #patriarchy #subjugation #force #toxicmasculinity #her #she #him #he #metoo #metoo❤️ #nomore #nomorethefilm #timesup #ally


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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