Opening Night

~ Opening Night ~


We step into the ring to face each other, yet in the end the fight is alone. In cities where brother is pitted against brother, to determine who’ll claim the throne. The tail of the tape can’t convey the trail and escape of the heart which beats in the chest. A heart that is measured only by grit and by grace. A heart that burns to be the very best, while expressed from the hungry place. Life will put us on the ropes, it will threaten our existence from the stands. It will steepen the pitch in our slopes, and it may bind those helping hands. It may bring things to us in black and white, or in the full color of Mother Earth. We enter the ring in wrong and right, in depravity and utmost worth.

We struggle with surroundings, and we struggle within, though others may be the victims for our quest. So long as those who will both finish and win begin, never letting up for a moment of rest.


#poetry #theatre #boxing #ring #theroyale #jackjohnson #ropes #tape #journey #struggle #stage #history #race #relations #fight #goodluckmacbeth


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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