~ measure ~


The bell rings, the beat stops.

The choir sings over the street cops. Arriving to learn, but never leaving. The thriving fire burns in the country that is ever grieving. Another and another sister and brother, not yet fully grown. How do we measure the life of another that is not our own? Statistics arrive in the internet blur, The number two amendment covers the number two pencil, and now chalk outlines surround the beats that were, seemingly our new educational stencil. Parents at a loss. Children feeling unsafe. Are we prepared to accept the cost of separating the wheat from the chaff? We measure our values beside our ammunition, we measure our intelligence alongside despair. Parents bury their students in yet another rendition, of too many lives beyond repair. Too many hive minded trying to hide and survive blinded who seem not to care. We measure response times of emergency services, while planning services for our youth. Thoughts and prayers in one hand, in the other your wishes, while too many see empty hands as their truth. They wish to hold the ones they love as they scream at the sky, Dear God if you are listening above, please show us the ‘why’? Hopefully there are those with them who sit and weep in silence, not saying anything at all, contemplating the unending cycle of violence, grasping for an answer to the call.


#massshooting #school #safety #victims #number2 #statistics #measure #testing #beats #questions #news #headlines #policy #parkland #answers #poetry


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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