Dientes Santos

‘Dientes Santos’

Dave’s last day at KOLO,

Matches your appointment day at the dentist,

These kids today say YOLO,

but my love for you is relentless.

I wanted to pave the way like Han SOLO,

and send you a Heaven sent wish,

to throw together sweet words like ROLOs,

and wrap them for you with a kiss.

May you have power,

May you have strength.

May the world devour,

your need to talk at great length.

May your healing be swift,

and your recovery be sure.

May your spirit have lift,

and your worry have cure.

May your mouth be beautiful,

and your mind be clear.

May your heart be dutiful,

experiencing absence of fear.

I believe in you. I am relieved in you.

You are my Liz McJizzGizzard,

My show biz, and my Lizard.

~ place sideways Eight here ~


#poetry #surgery #dentist #teeth #work #peace #tranquility #xray #ease #rest #healing #beautiful


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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