Colossians 3:2

~ Colossians 3:2 ~


I seek you in the morning, well before the work day will start. When I have not yet given up on the day and its rich possibilities.

I seek you while sitting atop a stack of four pallets wearing a cardboard hat.

The pallets, not me.

I seek your goodness and your eyes. I seek that still small voice that whispers sweet everythings.

That intensely immense sense that we are not living up to what was intended.

And, of course, the personal conviction, not guilt, of my heart to do better.

I seek you in adventure, in synopsis of worldwide wars, in black men being shot twenty times while holding a cell phone in a yard. I seek you. For I know in the grand scheme of everything, I am nothing. But, I am somehow uniquely here ready to play. Ready to pray. Ready to battle if need be. Ready to be, breathe, and see for who ever needs me. Ready to seek. Ready to find. Ready to love. Ready to mind the fact that people continue to find ways to be wicked to each other, but that people also find beautiful ways to give praise, prove wrong the nay says, and surprise each other. Everyone dies my sisters and my brothers . So my cries to the skies shortly after I rise and have a warehouse throne pressed to my thighs, is that these eyes are ready to seek the way things ought to be because this; This. What we see. It didn’t have to be this way.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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