Supposed to Think

What are the children supposed to think,

in a world given to shallow behavior,

on a planet given to pride and wrath,

destroyed by war, rebuilt by greed,

and all dressed down for lust.

What are the elderly supposed to think,

in a framework of erosion

of land and principles,

in a place without safety or security,

brought to the brink many times.

What are you supposed to think

when rain is acid,

water is poison,

the ones pledged to create many

destroy one,

sex is death,

infants have chimney breath,

the oceans are filling with plastic,

the tides are rising,

Brides are surprising their grooms,

with what looms from their past,

in one of many #metoo tombs

where life continues to gasp.

What, I ask, am I supposed to think,

when cops are murdering in the streets,

leaders are busy hiding behind sheets,

and the entire foundation starts to sink.

A foundation of genocide, theft, slavery,

was the background for our lessons.

We have been taught across time.

My mind begins to wander,

while my heart begins to climb.

I’m reminded that even if I’m blind as a bat,

as broke as a joke, left for dead, scars all

over my head, choking on glass,

there is a God above that is love,

and love bats last.

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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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