The monuments we erect to pride in our youth do not always stand the test of time. They become weathered, faded, and topple over as members of subsequent generations are reckless with something to prove. We look at them years later with angst and disappointment. ‘How could we have benefited from such a path?’ we might ask. We’re we able to have foresight with the same clarity, we might have seen that our demise was just around the corner, and the only logical conclusion based on the assorted collocation of atoms before us. However, life finds a way. The sands of time shift. Relevance seems to fade gloriously somehow. And we, we have these relics of monuments to remind us of stories. Nothing more. Nothing less. Let us begin again. Daily. In pursuit of dreams that have no need for ego. In pursuit of plans that just might save us all.


#monuments #memories #stories #relevance #generations #topple #demise #biggestlittlecity #renocreatives #biggestlittleartscity #morearteverywhere #sparks #nevada #homemeansnevada #destinationnevada #travelnevada #silverstate #battleborn #RenoRising


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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