I’m more cerebral than most blokes, and I thank you in advance for your time. I may say some things that trigger or offend some folks, but that’s okay cause it’s not yet a crime. So whatever these words before you evoke, just know that I’m being real and dropping dime. If you bare with my social commentary and jokes, I’ll do you the favor of making it rhyme.


If you consider it shameful to lack passion for your occupation,

then you might consider yourself blessed to have been so yourself.

And then in looking deeper into another’s situation,

perhaps take at least a page from their shelf.

If you believe others simply need to try harder,

and that is the only impediment to worldly gain,

you will not grow wiser as you grow smarter,

and you will not increase pleasure, but spread pain.

If you pledge, with your actions, to step on others,

so as to elevate your own station upon earth,

you’ll find an empty room of sisters and brothers,

and a death only days shy of your birth.

If you say someone is better, or has more value, than someone,

due to factors beyond the control of all involved,

then I might wonder who, what, and where you come from,

and what, if any, mysteries you might have solved.

If you curse the darkness of this world while breaking the lights,

inspiring and moving no one, while expecting to be stirred,

trying to wring profit from perpetuating loss, heartache, and fights,

then you’ve never once absorbed the living word.

If you’ve never tasted the love that endures, chases, and persists,

then I wish you a full meal my once and future friend.

For everyone struggles, fights battles, and experiences twists,

and each a one is on a road that will someday end.

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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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