“Citius, Altius, Fortius” ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’ -motto of the Olympics

Larry Nassar, the champion harasser,

abuser, confuser, and chooser of

wicked deeds, having decreed

by his actions that his needs are

above others and such.

For after all he has the postmodern

Midas touch, in that everyone he

touched turned to Gold, as it was

being placed around their neck.

And, when you get done listening

to the level of disrespect

from one young lady’s punishing stories,

there are one hundred and thirty more

or so waiting in line on deck.

The glory came before these

heinous acts were largely brought to light,

and as I think of the violations of trust alone

I cannot stomach it with all of my might.

Yet, those amazing ladies stood by each other

shoulder to shoulder,

hand holder, next to both young

and older now,

having been one of the first,

collectively saying #metoo,

#nomore, and #timesup to twist the plot,

reversing the curse,

victims turned heroes,

who will never be for naught or forgot.

Olympic doctor turned zero,

turned less than zero,

but Nassar will not make a comeback

like Junior Downey.

And it seems abundantly clear he’ll end up

somewhere, have no fear,

that is far darker than county,

with obscure astral entities surrounding

heart pounding, and torment confounding

even the most light-hearted soul,

let alone his body of action’s collective toll

and what karma is mounting.

Cheers to those who fought back tears

in their most impressionable

and delicate years to perform feats

that would launch careers and

steer the course of human history,

in spite of foreign jeers. Cheers to those who

would inspire clear generations of peers

to face their fears and go for gold.

You are the reasons that other’s stories will be told.

You are the reasons why other’s stories will never need

to be told.

You hold your fingers on the pulse of the nation.

You are the roses that grew from the wrought iron station.

You are the we who free other #victimsnomore

and help them cope,

you are the we who see the greater gift to be helping others

hold on to their hope.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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