International Women’s Day

~ May You Remember ~
In your race to get ahead amidst tyrants,
and your will to thrive in a pool of toxic masculinity,
while being the nurturing warrior you were destined to be, in spite of the all-too-often lack of comfort in safety, may you remember.
In your cunning wit which can surpass the demagogues, your balanced soul to indicate how we should all live, your adventurous heart which keeps pace with the leaders of the pack, and your desire to laugh while jumping in puddles at the first solid rain of the season, may you remember. In these days of turmoil and strife, compounded by the fiercest storms, judged for your appearance along every step of your path, thrust into unreasonable expectations by men with less integrity and spirit, may you remember. May you conquer the double standards, live above the scoffing, and find the strength to combat the catcallers as you remember.
May you remember that it was a woman who brought the Lord into the world. It was a woman who was his greatest companion and confidant during the walk of the path in the way. It was only the women who never left his side, as the men fled and hid, in his time of deepest need, as he bled, as he cried out, and as he gave up his spirit for all humankind. And, it was a woman he first appeared to, in her elegant mourning, after he conquered death itself and rose again. To my mother of dragons, my honey limbed lovely, my reason for continuing on, and by far my better half, I wish you a happy #internationalwomensday !
I am nothing without you.
None of us are. None of us would be anything without you. To God we grant the victory and the glory, while knowing that you are the true reason for the joy.






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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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