Happy First

There’s a redheaded warrior princess of whom I’m most fond,
Who, with me, for her first time ever, hopped the pond,
Truth be told, she’s more Scottish than Irish,
And even if I had a genie and each of my wish,
I couldn’t find a better match if I had a magic wand.
We have
as of today
been lawfully wed
three hundred
and sixty-five days,
and I’m somehow
even more thankful now,
as my heart suggests
from requests as it rests
a bend to my knees and neck
such that I may
give praise as I pray.
Yet I do not close my eyes
and clasp my hands
in order to seek escape or retreat
I pray for your well being,
your safety, your longevity,
that we may continue
to laugh ourselves to sleep,
between both flannel
and written sheet.
I wrote and recited my vows I keep
as if being reborn,
and I review them enough to know,
this promise is the greatest I’ve ever sworn,
as well as the deepest love that I show.
Some daydream of a soulmate, while
wanting to introduce their lover to their best friend.
You set me free by being all three
as time and my heart would intend.
So I say, happy as I am, to have completed a trip around the sun,
as well as all phases of the moon,
I know we’ve just begun, that we are far from done,
and the only sadness is its passage too soon.
There is gladness as it passes together,
there is joy in the moments stretched out,
there is peace in contemplating forever,
and there is light in remaining devout.
There are battles hard fought and won,
and there are lessons along that we learn,
it matters not if we walk, dance, talk, or run,
so long as together it’s done,
and our shared fire continues to burn.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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