The weight of life

~ ~
Alicia, your song was inspiring,
a glimmer of hope
is what my innermost child
was desiring,
giving me more faith in humanity than before,
passing a camel through an eye ring,
while your gifted heart was high-wiring

Lizzo, your acceptance was beautiful
and reminded me to keep trying without tiring
until my breath is retiring and my life is expiring.

Camila, your song to your Dad
about having found the one you cherish
was successful in rewiring my brain to accept love
as the catalyst firing away at any walls I have ever built.

More moments will be, more there were,
overwhelmed with emotion on stilts.
Music makes memories, solidifies heroes,
awakens charges and callings, and points to the divine.
After battling attempts and tries at my own demise,
responding to all things and people crashing down from the skies,
having heard of snakes on a plane,
testing understanding’s might
on the night the Black Mamba
and the other eight of nine
died in flight;
it was good for my soul to lean on God,
and be shown unequivocally how storytellers,
how artists,
how servants to courage,
can and do change the world for the better.
Thank you God.
Thank you Universe.
Thank you Artists.
Thank you Life.
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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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