Manifesting the Dream

~ Manifesting the Dream ~
It’s Thirsty Thursday
and I realize
I need more pieces
to spit amidst
loud distracting places
Surely slowdown
the vibe the music’s choosing
to provide the release
from the stress ridden faces
in the crowd
longing for an abundance
of graces
in an overwhelming world
with only the faint remains of traces
Merch tables wait in the shadows
raffle tix in my hoodie pocket
‘There’s nothing like a Sista’
sprayed across a camo jacket
slung around the back with
a nearby mirrorball ready to launch
like a supersonic rocket
bars across the windows
bars across the mic
night sky stars begin those
journeys we like
potstickers from the food truck
look and smell banging
supporting friends with good luck
good vibes
and good hanging
no need to be the one slanging
my ears need candy
my soul needs ganging
Black Wall Street in the house
along with local performance artists
no sign of Donald Griffin
but I see where Romar is
My man Jwanza closing the night off
after the ladies killed the mic
and nearly put it to bed
twenty twenty two didn’t slide in soft
it was the dead ringer
for the masked singer in my head
It seems we’re all called to manifest dreams
it appears the team is running strong
casting magic through moonbeams
outlasting the tragic through joy in song
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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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