FAITHFUL (New Poetry Video)


FAITHFUL (3min.)
On the eve of the NFC Championship
between the Los Angeles Rams and
I’m finding myself feeling nostalgic, excited, and of course #faithful. This poetry video entitled FAITHFUL is a testament to my love for a very particular team. Sending the players, coaching staff, traveling fans, traveling FAMS, and the medical staff all the love, safety, and focus the universe can muster up. GO NINERS!!!
Play with confidence. Play for each other. Play for fun. Play to WIN.
Play for a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the SUPER BOWL in a couple weeks. The entire EMPIRE is behind you.

FAITHFUL (poem text)

I remember running around the yard

as a very small child

arms in the air like Joe Cool under pressure

yelling out “We won! We won!”

For any onlooker it wouldn’t have been hard

to see my fanhood had truly begun

Jersey number of the mountainous name

matching the Roman numerals of the big game

shying away from instantaneous fame

becoming the Golden gate’s adopted son

Believing at an age very young

anything was possible

content to simply run

Not a care in the world

plenty for my team

come true dream

witness to the very first one

Stars in their search for more shine

The Catch, The Stop to stand, and the pass

over the middle to Taylor

cementing The Drive

No one but Prime in his time

was a match for the hands

of our Mississippi Valley savior,

the greatest receiver ever alive.

When run and gun Young got the monkey

and the ghost of the comeback kid

off his back against the Bolts

we became the First to Five

Re͏d and Gold until my head grows too old, and I’m dead and cold.

Until Roger Craig or Frank Gore bowl me over as though I’ve been steam rolled,

or Mostert leaves me dead in the dirt

unable to see what I hold

Re͏d and Gold, heart and soul,

forever faithful even when they were seven minutes

from a sixth Super Bowl.

Faithful when Rathman came from Nebraska,

And P. Willy came from Ole Miss,

Faithful in my love for Katie Sowers,

and when I pretend to give Kittle a kiss.

Re͏d and Gold in my heart I hold.

Forever Faithful at Keyzar, the Stick, and the home of the lucky Levi’s

Down with the young blood, proud to be enough for Lance, Warner, and Deebo my guys

though I’ve never gotten to put my bottom in the stands.

Faithful hearing the yells of ‘Forty Whiners!’

and Bowman’s knee shatter as he cried out,

from we battle peacocks fans.

As we continue the quest for Six

our heart and soul shown by the hues

in our gear

Underdogs in the critics picks

yet who this forever faithful fan

will always choose despite taking licks

playing without fear

playing for each other

clearly held dear

with another Lombardi so near

playing like giant children

running around their own yard

yelling out for the world to hear

“This is our year!”



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