Monday Night Poetry – 7/11/22

Monday Night – July 11th, 2022
Writing Prompt(s) for 7/11/22:
Write in response to the phrase “Always Open”
Weekly Open Mic (every Monday)
Produced, directed, and hosted by active members of Spoken Views Collective
Shim’s Surplus Supplies Co.
125 W 3rd, Reno, NV
Jesse James Ziegler – Poet
(28th Session – July 11th, 2022)
5:00PM – Doors Open
5:30PM – Sign-Ups Open
6:00PM – Prompt Open
6:30PM – Mic Open
No hate speech, violence, racism, misogyny, or disrespectful disruptive behavior will be tolerated. No predatory behavior will be tolerated. As an ongoing regular event for Spoken Views Collective, MONDAY NIGHT POETRY has a zero tolerance policy for the fore mentioned behaviors. Spoken Views Collective additionally designates the evening’s HOST as reserving the right to have any and all individuals breaking these expected codes of conduct (which honor the humanity in each other) removed and denied service. If patterns of behavior are either singularly egregious enough or show a pattern of behavior across multiple venues or events then individuals may be denied access to the Collective altogether in order to maintain our vision as a community entity.
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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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