Brandon Leake: Monday Night Poetry – 5/1/23 Spotlight Feature – Collective Breath – Poetry Book Club – May Poet


Caught up in facts and figure’s commenting on carrying a new brand to peak,

the preorder for a lesser known band you find unique,

or a philosophy prof’s understanding of the meek,

I know for some it’s only Monday night

but it’s already been a demanding week.

The overwhelmingly world sometimes makes it too difficult stand and speak when heavy hearts and hands are weak.

Leave your worries on west third and be present for Brandon Leake


Brandon Leake is an Award-Winning Spoken Word Poet, Artistic Educator, and Motivational Speaker from Stockton, Ca. His creative mixture of art, charisma, and passion tailored to his own unique personal narrative has taken him across the world as a speaker and performer. Performing in locations such as New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and 36 states around the country for his, “Dark Side Tour” which promotes his first ever published poetry chapbook and his then crown jewel “Deficiencies: A Tale From My Dark Side” an album rooted in transparency and healing (2018)

Brandon is also the founder and CEO of Called To Move – CTM an artistry organization with the pursuit of aiding youth in self-actualizing and personally developing through the art of poetry. This pursuit has led to Brandon leading workshops around the world with several curriculums he has developed himself, and in particular teaching youth in his hometown of Stockton, Ca.

Leake’s Family Affair aired as a CW special featuring several original spoken word poems about his family, including tributes to his mother and his late sister. The poet submitted his work for Grammy consideration.

“This album is a hallmark seal on one of Spoken Word Poetry’s most defining moments, the first nationally televised solo spoken word special,” Leake wrote. “This album is a commemoration of this iconic moment and just how far spoken word not only has come but still has to go.”

Leake’s previous album with Black Chakra, titled Level, was under consideration for a grammy the year before as well.

Brandon Leake was nominated for a Emmy for his 2:12 long spoken word piece commemorating the Golden State Warriors 75th anniversary as a basketball franchise in the NBA

Oh, and yes he is also the season 15 winner of America’s Got Talent.


Golden State Warriors – 75th Anniversary

Spoken Word Piece (2:12)

Blowing Smoke Podcast

Season 10 Episode 3 (1hr. 30min.)

Brandon Leake | Emmy Nominated, America’s Got Talent Winner, Poetic Genius Speaks Volumes | S10E03

America’s Got Talent

Season 15 Winner – Brandon Leake

All Performances (24min. 30sec.)

Brandon Leake

Performance on Ellen DeGeneres

Tribute to Breonna Taylor (

Brandon Leake

Performance on Ellen DeGeneres

“The Secret life of Teachers”


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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