Flavors of Sweet Release

Here’s how it usually starts, I’m up late when I should be going to bed. I should be falling asleep, but I’m reading for inspiration instead.

I come across a single line that strikes a chord, and bounces around in my head. And I have a moment that I tap into everything stored, a moment I completely love but dread.

I’m heading to work to do some dumb thing,

And I feel that spark inside,

Knowing the writing is coming, 

And I’m going to have to find a quiet place to hide.

You see the spark comes when you least expect it, a simple line in a comment of text, an innocent challenge to write a song, I know I can only help guide it but never completely direct it, I know the craft is next, 

And I know the spark may not last for long.

Not a song but a poem,

As I’m not a song writer but I

Know ’em,

And I hope the inspiration never ends,

I will write every single line by my lonesome, although I don’t own a single one, I know I’m already borrowing the title from one of my friends.

1. Finding, or better yet making, the perfect gift at the perfect moment for someone, knowing they will weep with joy for the knowing that at least one person in the universe gets them and understands.

2. Receiving such a gift, and writing a heartfelt thank you note by the guide of your own mind and hands.

3. Watching a puppy try to drink from a sprinkler, and then be a lil’ tinkler as he or she dances in the makeshift rain.

4. Watching that same doggie slowly grow old, still being there to love them and ease their pain.

5. Hugging friends, family, and loved ones at a Fourth of July barbecue or, better yet, a wedding.

6. Barely remembering the conflicts and quarrels with them, and when you do, letting go and forgetting.

7.Praying to an unseen power, but witnessing and feeling that power through love.

8.Feeling down in the dumps slumped over, and then that power with the warming sun, guides your gaze above.

9. The hand on your shoulder and the perfect hug which let you know it’s all going to be okay.

10. Being there to be that hand, and be that hug, to brighten someone else’s day.

11. Closing the thick blanket of a curtain on Saturday eve after a lovely late night, crawling into your bedgasm, and whispering a delighted, smiling, closed eye shout.

12. Drawing back the same curtain on Sunday morning to reveal a gorgeous day, rife with the possibility from great rest, that beckons you out.

13. Or, your favorite player, on your favorite team, scoring the game winner and everyone in the bar erupting at the exact same moment in time.

14. Or, that comfortable silence right after a soulful song while along on a road trip with your partner in crime.

15. Your very first sip of your favorite hot beverage, on a crisp fall night sitting fireside in the mountains by the lake.

16. Sharing that moment with your dearest tribe, with the perfect vibe, because all the difference in the world they make.

17. Saying goodbye to an aging loved one knowing in your heart that there was nothing left undone, and there was nothing left unsaid.

18. Showing with that same heart and that same mind to others what they meant to you in their stead.

19. Signing or clocking out at five pm on a Friday knowing the draining week is finally through.

20. Or, better yet clocking in on a Monday morning if you truly love what it is that you do.

21. Opening the care package from the right person at the perfect time when you are miles and miles away from home.

22. Getting to the point in life when you are so at peace with who you are inside you know that your home is wherever you roam.

23. Climbing up to a crook in a favorite tree where no one else can see or know. And, watching like a bird simply free, as the world passes by below.

24. Also, sitting perched in that spot in your tree for long enough that, in your own bones, you can feel it grow.

25. Laying down your burden of a bag, after a long hike through the crag, in the high desert where not a drip of water drips.

26. Anticipating that first sip of ice cold water you’ve carried, finally crossing your lips.

27. Going to the bathroom when you’ve held it for far too long,

And you’re finally catching a break from work.

28. Getting your grade back on line, seeing you didn’t get those questions wrong, Then watching a YouTube video of a grandma twerk.

29. Getting that daggone splinter out of your hand, that had been bugging you for a day or more.

30. Talking with your bestie who will always seem to understand, even if they can’t relate to what the rant is for.

31. Seeing something which started the size of a single grain of sand, that you plant, grow into a tree with fruit in store.

There are so many flavors of sweet release to savor at the buffet of life,

And these are merely but a few,

I hope we, each and all, taste these, and many more to combat the strife,

Before we draw our last breath and are finished with what we’ve come to do.

So there you have it,

The flavorful forms of sweet release,

Totaling thirty one,

Like an ice cream cake,

On your thirty first birthday,

From Baskin Robbins: Done.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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1 Response to Flavors of Sweet Release

  1. ned says:

    “24. Also, sitting perched in that spot in your tree for long enough that, in your own bones, you can feel it grow.”


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