I will wake up

I will wake up every morning. I will go into work early, and leave late if necessary. I will take my allotted breaks without milking the clock. I will vote. I will pay my taxes. I will support the warriors but not the wars. I will keep promises. I will speak kindly and honestly to others. I will get my oil changed every three to five thousand miles. I will call my mom on Mother’s Day, and I will make it a point to get heartfelt gifts with hand written cards for friends on their birthdays. I will try to buy ethically sourced products, live simply, and recycle. 

       I will leave wildflowers, without picking them, for others to enjoy. I will encourage young children when they are frustrated in learning something new. I will not shatter glass bottles in parking lots. I will not wager more cash than I can easily afford to lose. I will use my turn signals, hold the door open for others, take the appropriate number of items to the express lane, and remain open to others empassioned views about religion and politics. I will not treat others harshly  if and when those views differ with mine. I will finish the food on my plate, drink plenty of water, and try to maintain a reasonable bed time. I will not cut in line, slam doors in others’ faces, or be reckless with other hearts. I will drive in your neighborhood like my own children live there. I will bring my own bags to the store, bring my own mug to the mart, and count my blessings. I will not try to control you, manipulate you, or condemn you. I will try to tell beautiful honest stories. I will  try to speak when necessary, remain silent when necessary, pay attention, follow directions, and earn my keep. I will try not to interrupt. I will try to leave no trace. I will do my best to prevent forest fires. I will remain loyal to my teams, especially when they are losing.

       My single chosen act of rebellion will be this: I will never wholly, completely, entirely give my heart to another single human being as long as I live. For I know the immense strength and tremendous beauty therein, and I intend to deprive the world of it in its completeness. The juice is not worth the squeeze. This place is so far from what was intended. I cannot handle more personal wounded mess than I have already endured. Fuck this world. Let it burn.


Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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1 Response to I will wake up

  1. ned says:

    Fuckin’ A.

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