~ Neverland ~ .

With every demand and cleverly handed off item on the list as it stands, for another to rebrand while the masses treat each endeavor with their heads in the sand, I catch a drift and instead lift off into never land.

Thoreau said in wildness is the preservation of the world. As long as the childishness that’s a derivation of each little boy and little girl doesn’t hurt the GDP. For the wild child isn’t dubbed the pearl of great price but rather fodder for the BBC.

But my neverland isn’t just a place where you never grow old, and you never grow up. It’s a place where you’re never told to believe in the empty cup. It’s a place where dreams don’t always end in tears for the reckoning they will never be. A place where creators face and conquer the fears they thought they would never see.

My Neverland is a place where no one ever goes hungry, where no one ever freezes to death in their sleep. Voices are heard over the machines mumbling, and quality time we keep sacred. We lie naked before all that is known. We stand motionless as we bow our heads. The best of the best in my Neverland is thrown, met by those awake asleep in their beds.

Neverland is a place where injustice never prevails, where love never fails, where storms never break sails, and where tall tails are challenged with what is true.

In short, my Neverland is when ever I come home to you.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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