Still Ringing

~ Still Ringing ~


I knew it was pointless to fight it,

that I would end up writing it, regardless of what time at night I crept up the slight incline in the drive after I arrived back home.

My ears are still ringing, my spirit is still singing, any fears are no longer clinging, because FreeQuency was bringing it all set long.

My ears are still ringing, so I had to get a pair of earrings with your book

to remind me.

For I want to think about the idea of going through my life blindly.

The truth dripped from your words like the last bit of dew on the blades before rise. The snaps kept finding the sighs, the words kept exposing lies, and to my pleasant surprise, the verses grabbed my heart from its chest with their pries.

My ears are still ringing, stinging with the wise truth of personal testimony heard. I groaned at every beat, and hung on every word.

This is exactly what I needed tonight to be blessed. So much ‘no’ on the news, in the state of the union address, I don’t want to choose, but tonight was just YES.

Thank you Mwende Katwiwa for being you, for staying true, and for giving a few of your innermost shares so that I had something sacred to do. I needed your verse, I heeded your dares, my ears are still ringing. Thank you.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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