We are all trying to compensate for something. Some inadequacy we were convinced of in youth or perhaps through a broken heart. None of us is perfect in every circle. All of us have room for improvement. Some have tiny hands and buy larger gloves than they need or than are practical. Some athletes who are in reality 5’8” would put that they are an even six when questioned for trading cards. People frequently lie on resumes, during interviews, and in relationships. Inadequacies. Wounds. Lessons unlearned. Fears. Vicious cycles of half truths and self deception. And on and on we go. The carousels may pitch us to the decks below, but they cannot keep us from jumping back to our feet and painting them different colors. Such is the collective life of tired ants on a burning log who spend more energy trying to push the others into the flames than they do trying to escape the circle of fire.


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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