Our Father

Father’s Day

To all the men out there up early in the morning, while their kids are still snoring, no longer ignoring the moments before them. To all the guys who’ve grown wise, that stay up late at night expositing advice, being nice, and tucking those chillins in tight at bedside, try as I might, I don’t yet know your plight, but I salute you tonight. To all the still young boys who once rebelled, and once revelled in what destroys, and spent too much time playing with weapons made from toys, but yet grew up to young men, able to forget those things other than laughable anecdotes or notes written on birthdays and Anniversaries. To those young men, daily out grindin’, trying to cultivate and find a better life for their children and partners to thrive, today and tonight, I tip my cap, I salute you, I wish a Happy Father’s Day to You! And to all the single mamas working harder than most any other, having to run as father and mother, doing both roles mostly without blunder, is it any wonder that I wish you a happy happy too!

To all the sons and daughters whose Fathers they can’t kiss, and this day makes them even harder to miss, and so they feel helpless, they’ll sit and reminisce. Certain days and holidays play themselves out and they’re left, bereft of knowing what to do with this, I love you too and wish you whatever deliverance and bliss in this world there is.To the folks who have sarcastic jokes having only known messed up blokes who may have been biological fathers, but were never really Dads, I’m sorry for that lack of role that you had. You can travel the whole world wide and find an even more mixed bag. I hope you have had enough mentors, coaches, teachers, and preachers to make you overall more glad than sad.

And before there’s a riot in the back of the bleachers, in response to my needs and wants, and my comment about teachers and preachers, I’m not trying to defeat your reality with mine. I’m merely trying to depict with these words I’ve selected and picked how we’re all intertwined.

So, to the teachers and preachers truly trying to be the catchers in the rye: the reachers, and beseechers who back up there actions with speeches, perhaps too you need this. If you’re not about inappropriately touching someone you’re seeing as next to nothing, hoarding your beautiful toys and twirls, then I wish you were amongst the other countless granting access through fulfilled wish lists of all the boys and girls to experience the greatest joys of this world. Happy Father’s, Dads, and be grateful for whoever you’ve hads day!


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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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