Fourth of July at three thirty nine AM


is my absolute favorite holiday.


not for the reason,

or reasons you might think.


I celebrate my dependence.

I was dependent,

when I was first conceived,

upon a mother who wouldn’t

smoke or drink,

but who would provide

a steady perch,

for me to land on,

and a safe nest

for me to be in.

I was dependent,

when I was first born,

upon those around me,

for food, water, shelter, clothing,

love, and cartoons.

I was dependent,

when I was first growing,

upon teachers, coaches, relatives,

friends, and leaders,

to aid in my growth. I needed them

to help mold and hold me.

I needed them to help scold me,

and bring me back into the fold see.

Their every action and thought

would embolden me

into being the adult

I am today.

Now that I am grown,

I am dependent upon

the powers that be

to help aid in my safety

and basic amenities.

I am dependent upon

musicians, storytellers,

and other poets

to aid in my inspiration.

I’m dependent upon liberties and freedoms I have been granted, of which countless others do not have the luxury of possession, to be able to share such things.

I am dependent upon

my partner to help me

process and endure

life’s pitfalls and hurdles.

I am dependent upon family

for a sense of tradition

and belonging.

I am dependent

upon friends and coworkers

for aid in task and goal completion.

I am dependent upon

my vehicle to get me to work,

food to nurture my muscles and bones,

water to assist my brain amongst other things,

shelter to keep me safe from the elements,

dogs, and other creatures like them,

to teach me about unconditional love,

and God,

for not only the breath I continue to draw,

but, also, everything else

that is listed above,

and a zillion other things,

I am probably forgetting

right now,

which I was privileged enough

to take for granted,

at the time

I benefited from it,

while unaware

of how blessed I was,

and continue to be.

Thank you everyone.

Thank you God.

Thank you.

Today, I celebrate my dependence,

and fireworks.



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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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