Graceful Survivors

Trigger Alert: Mention of Rape

(victimized) (power) (control) (legacy) (grace)

~ Graceful Survivors ~


Searching, for the right words to describe rape tastefully,

but there is no way to make brute force, complete and utter disregard for another soul’s well-being, and absence of respect for someone else’s body and choices ~ graceful.

Brute force can be graceful in the context of the home run in baseball, the slam dunk in basketball, the ace in tennis, and other things about things.

Complete and utter disregard for another soul’s well being is not graceful.

Absence of respect for someone else’s body and choices is not graceful.

Love is graceful, and love cannot be forced, subdued, or controlled.

Imagine the greatest place, with the most amazing people,

doing the most wonderful things, involving the most excellent aspects, and elevated topics of discussion.

Look for it. Close your eyes if you have to, and imagine

how awe inspiring this, it, we could be.

Now, dare if you will, to climb a little higher.

Stand on the shoulders of that imaginative self and try to see,

If you will, even better that’s imaginable.

Now imagine there’s someone who has the key to let you go there.

They’ll let you borrow the key and make a copy if you like.

They’ll even pay for the copy.

They don’t want money, control, a future favor,

looking the other way in the face of wickedness, prestige, or fame.

They just want you to accept the key as a gift.

That is gracious. That is grace. Forgiving a debt is grace.

And, sad to say for the perpetrators of these heinous acts,

for these mind fucks and body pirates,

the victims who carry these deeds with them were, in those moments,

and continue to be in life, more gracious, filled with grace if you please,

experiencing the depth of love and torment simultaneously.

They, we, you, are more gracious.

Those who owe unpayable debts of emotion, those who live with stamps of darkness upon their hearts, and fields of black lilies being constantly uprooted within their toxic nerves of rust, those should be given no reverence. Those should be pitied. Those should be turned away from.

While those who have received unjust punishment, unjust torture, acts of brutality

and ultimate war porn violence, and yet have been strong enough to break those vicious cycles, love anyway, choose life anyway;

Those are the beautiful and graceful among us.

It is they who should be revered.

They who should be esteemed.

They who should be held in a higher regard.

It is they who are in control.

It is they who are in charge.

They who remind us of sacrifice, humility, poise, patience,

and enduring love.

It is they who are filled with grace.

It is they who teach us about love.



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Being heard, stirred, and perhaps cured by life's many hidden images and the written-spoken word.
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